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Major Tips to Protect Yourself from Colds and Flu

3 Major Tips to Protect Yourself from Colds and Flu

Colds and flu can happen anytime and anywhere there are triggers. As for your elderly loved ones, they may usually stay at home but their homes can even still cause these illnesses since the changing seasons and weather conditions can also bring them at home.

But, Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a trusted health care center in Miami FL, believes that if you or your elderly loved ones have the right protection from bacteria and viruses then there’s a great chance that the development of these diseases in one’s body can be stoppable.

Most experts believe that as we age our body has the lesser strength and endurance to absorb the right amount of nutrients for the body. Age-related conditions are inevitable but can be slowed down. But since our topic is directed towards colds and flu, we will discuss on how the aging body can still counteract the negative effects of these diseases and create a better defense for the body.

Get enough B12 Vitamin
The ability of the body to take in B12 can slow down over time causing the B12 levels in the body to drop. This is one of the many vitamins in the body that is affected by aging; in addition, this vitamin is also difficult to be absorbed when taken orally. But more importantly, B12 is very important for the immune system of the body.

It is very common among elders to get vitamin B12 deficiency because this vitamin is often found in meat and dairy which are foods that are cut in their daily diet especially in the Western diet. The dietary intake of such foods is lessened since they have lesser activities; hence, lesser energy to produce.

Your elderly loved ones can acquire Vitamin through IV Therapy which would be targeted directly to the bloodstream for efficiency. You have to know that lower levels of B12 can cause anemia, neuropathy, and cognitive problems. Medications such as metformin, alcohol, and surgeries are often external factors that affect the vitamin absorption.

Get a flu shot
We all know that colds and flu can mostly happen during the summer, spring, and sometimes autumn seasons. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affirmed that during these seasons, about 80-90% of the flu-related deaths happen among people ages 65 and older. Hence, they are considered to be the most vulnerable age group for this kind of disease.

A flu shot can increase the defensive walls of your immune system. A flu shot contains antibodies that normally acculturate inside your body to provide protection against the infection that are used in the vaccine. In addition, traditional flu viruses like the H1N1, H3N2 & influenza B can be difficult to deal with under the condition of your elderly loved ones and become fatal in the long run. Ask your reliable health care center in Miami FL for more information on what flu vaccines are best for your loved ones.

Get enough space
What we mean by “space” is when you deal with people around you. If you have friends or family members that come around, you should keep your personal space to prevent contracting the disease. Kids are often said to be equal to germs. We are not saying that you should isolate yourself from people during these times because if you do, you would be avoiding people for most of the time of your life which is not advisable.

What we want to mean is that instead of giving your friends a kiss-on-the-cheek greeting, a handshake will do. Know the people who have good hygiene and those who do not. You are not trying to be rude, you are just trying to prevent further damages to your health.

After that handshake, wash your hands especially when before eating your meals. You have to be extra sanitized at this time of your life to avoid bad bacteria and harmful viruses to come into contact. Ask your doctor and healthcare provider on how you can strengthen your immune system if social contact is inevitable. You can also call Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a dependable health care center in Miami FL!

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