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Awesome Reasons Why You Should Smile

6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Smile

There’s a quote that goes, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” One smile can make all the difference in the world. Ever wonder what happens to our brain when we’re smiling or see a smile? Here’s some proof to encourage you to smile more often.

  • It releases stress and makes you calm down.

    Too much stress is hazardous to health. When you let stress take over you, you will eventually break down. However, a smile is the cheapest and fastest cure. When you feel stressed, simply take a minute or two to breathe in and out and smile.

  • It makes other people happy.

    Research shows that smiling is contagious. It shows that something as simple as seeing a friend or a loved one smile can activate the muscles in your face to make that same expression, without even being aware that you are doing it. Amazing, right?

  • It gets others to trust you.

    One signal that suggests we are trustworthy is a smile. Genuine smiles send us a message that other people can trust and cooperate with us. People who smile are rated higher in both generosity and socializing skills.

  • It makes you more attractive.

    People usually look their best and happiest when smiling. According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 96% of American adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex.

  • It can lead to laughter.

    Numerous studies have been done on the health benefits of laughing, including how it acts like a mini workout that burns calories and works the abs. Laughter also helps blood flow, lowers sugar levels, reduces stress and improves sleep.

  • It makes you and others feel good.

    It has been proven and tested that a simple smile can transform you and the world around you. It’s no surprise that smiling is contagious. It releases feel-good neurotransmitters throughout the body.

Here at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a health care center in Miami FL, we work hard for your smiles. Share your smiles with us!

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