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A Nurse Profile: Who Makes a Good Fit?


Nurses are among the larger group of healthcare professionals and with the significant demand of hiring them, hospitals and health systems should be able to attract and retain the best nursing talent.

Who is a capable nurse?

  • Nurses are trained and certified or licensed before they practice in the industry.
    But this is no longer enough to be competitive. The capable nurse is the epitome of skill, knowledge, and values.
  • Knowledge is built and tested throughout their education and training programs.
    What they know can help them in stressful situations. Knowledge helps them make the right choice.
  • Skills are trained and tested through experience.
    From lab training, internships, and past employment, the capable nurse builds technical and non-technical skills. They master healthcare skills as well as personal skills in handling patients, communicating with family, and educating the patient.
  • Values make the character.
    A capable nurse knows they are responsible and accountable to the patient and the family. They have the integrity to do the job without supervision and they go the extra mile to ensure the patient’s well-being.

A capable nurse – armed with knowledge, skills, and values – is the talent you need. Your Home Health Care in Miami, Florida produces results because of the people behind it.

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