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A Secret to Making Grandma/Grandpa Happy

A Secret to Making Grandma/Grandpa Happy
Ever wonder what gift you will be giving for your parent’s or grandparent’s birthday? You may simply go to your nearest gadget store and wrap the latest smartphone for your elderly. But do you think your older family member will use it or will it just be stuck in their drawer?

According to research, there is only one thing makes an older adult happy. It is spending TIME with them. Why?

  • Time is something extremely valuable to older individuals.

    Retirement is one phase in life we all look forward to. We know that once we retire, we can do all the things we want to do. However, when one is nearing his or her retirement, you know that you can only count the days until you become weak to do anything else.

    The value of time cannot be exchanged with any monetary value. And once you are at that stage in life where you have all the time in the world but is limited, you will eventually panic.

    Older individuals do not need a luxurious car. They do not even need an enormous mansion to retire in. All they need is the luxury to be bond with their loved ones and create memories.

  • Time creates memories and strengthens the bond.

    When was the last time you saw your aging parent? Have the grandkids enjoyed their stay at their grandparent’s? What have you noticed on their faces? Did all of them have a good time?

    Older people do not just view time as dust in the wind that quickly moves fast and vanishes. They also view time as a means to create memories and to build a powerful bond between family members.

    Even though it is just a boring dinner at a nearby restaurant or a simple visit to their house, it becomes a valuable moment where they get to love and experience being loved back.

  • Giving your time lets them know they are loved.

    Growing old makes anyone feel anxious about the years to come. But if you are given time by your loved ones, you feel that you can go through anything.

    Your parents know that you are busy. They understand that you are miles and miles away from them. That is why when you give them your time, they make the most out of it and treasure your moments together.

Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., providers of Health Care in Miami, FL, has long been working with older adults. We know what makes them happy and we are also aware of the things that make them sad.

Spend quality time with grandma or grandpa! Create memories that will last not just for their sake but for yours and the family as well. Help preserve the smile on their faces.

What is the most memorable experience you have with your grandparents or aging parents? Share it in the comments section below.

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