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Caution: A Simple Tumble May Have Undesirable Outcome

Caution: A Simple Tumble May Have Undesirable Outcome

We cannot downplay the importance of a companion for our beloved seniors and older adults.

Yes, companions from a health care provider are not just mere companions. They play significant roles in the health and well-being of the elderly.

For one, our seniors are sensitive a lot. They can easily get bored, depressed and irritable. A minor trigger is enough to ignite them into sudden emotional outburst. Their mood swings like a pendulum of a clock. One time they’re okay, another time they are not.

Their feeling of helplessness, coupled with the thought that they are left alone at home while the other members of the family are busy attending to their individual preoccupations outside, contributes to making their emotion a ticking time bomb.

The presence of a health care companion certainly helps “diffuse the tension,” especially if the care giver comes from a trusted and experienced health care outfit such as our Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc.

He or she can provide comfort to the client by attending to the latter’s needs and concerns, tell him or her interesting and sometimes hilarious stories, playing cards with the client and many other helpful activities.

More Urgent Concern

But there’s a more urgent issue related to the care of the oldies. We are referring to their tendency to trip and fall.

You may say it is normal for old people to stumble because their agility and dexterity are slowly leaving them as they age. But we cannot take it lightly and just leave things to chance. Many cases of a simple tumble turn tragic, or worse deadly.

The bathroom is the notorious place in the house for the oldies to frequent. Wet floors cause them to slide and fall. What if they bang their heads on the wall or on the floor themselves?

Granting the result is not that alarming, say, they only get a sprain or a dislocated hipbone, but even these could complicate into something dreadful because of their age. Their tissues are no longer that healthy and active to help heal the injury.

Personal Care Is the Answer to the Problem

That’s why seniors and older adults need somebody to look after them. That’s why they need a companion to do that.

We need not emphasize the fact that life and living for them entail difficulties and challenges even with family members around. How much more if they are left alone? Simple tasks that used to be so easy when they were younger are the day-to-day humps that need to be assisted with now.

It is for this very reason that the much-sought health care center in Miami FL offers personal care services to your beloved elderly in your family. Companionship and comfort belong to this type of services. Other activities here include:

  • General Care and Supervision
  • Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care
  • Disabled Care
  • Bathing and Dressing
  • Personal Grooming and Skin Care
  • Medication Management
  • Incontinence Care and Toileting

Our brand of health care services has been proven to noticeably enhance the living condition and quality of life of the elderlies.

To the residents of Miami-Dade and Monroe County, keep your dear oldies from loneliness, boredom, depression and domestic accidents. Hire our compassionate and veteran care givers for them.

Personal care is just one of our top rated services. There are still others. We then invite you to click this link for you to know them and get acquainted with the people behind Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc.

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Do you have a senior or older adult in your home? Or have you had any experience living with one? Your views and experiences can certainly help others cope with the reality of caring for one. Please post them in the space provided below.


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