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How to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behaviour. It is a progressive disease where dementia symptoms gradually worsen over a number of years, this is according to the Alzheimer’s association ( Having a loved one to care for with the disease can be a challenging task, so if you need help, our health care center in Miami FL can provide you with a health care plan for your loved one.

What causes Alzheimer’s?

Although the cause of the disease is not yet fully understood, scientists believe that Alzheimer’s disease is caused by a combinations of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. In people who have early-onset Alzheimer’s, a genetic mutation is usually the cause while a late-onset of Alzheimer’s is caused by a complex series of changes in the brain that occur over time. Hence, the cause Alzheimer’s disease can vary from one person to the other.

What are the risk factors?

  • Age

    Although the disease is not part of naturally aging, Alzheimer’s commonly occurs on elderly people. Your risk of developing the disease increase as you age especially when you reach over 65 years old. Although individuals with early-onset Alzheimer’s begin displaying symptoms as early as 30 years old.

  • Family History

    Your risk of developing the disease is higher when you have a family member – a parent or sibling with Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Sex

    Studies have showed that women are more prone to develop the disease than men.


Remember that forgetfulness is normal especially for aging individuals. It is normal for an aging brain to experience in decrease in alertness, sharpness, attention and memory retention. To help you identify the difference between what is normal and what really are signs of the disease, we have listed ten symptoms by the Alzheimer’s association.

  1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
  2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
  3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
  4. Confusion with time or place
  5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
  6. New problems with words in speaking or writing
  7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  8. Decreased or poor judgment
  9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
  10. Changes in mood and personality

If you detect these signs in your loved one, contact a doctor immediately. Early diagnosis can help you seek a treatment plan that can be more effective. When a loved one is diagnosed with the disease, visit our health care center in Miami FL for health care services. Our health care center in Miami FL can provide you Alzheimer’s/ Dementia care.

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