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Providing Care for Seniors with Disability

Providing Care for Seniors with Disability

Caring for people with disability can be very challenging and taxing for a regular caregiver or a family member. In fact, persons with disability are best left in the care of expert home care providers, like us, at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., the most reliable health care center in Miami FL.

When caring for a person with disability, the first thing that you should consider is their safety so it’s best to take note of the following safety checklist:

  • Regular home maintenance
  • Clearing obstructions on the floor
  • Arranging furniture to give way for more space to walk around
  • Remove trip hazards like loose rugs or mats

There are still quite a number of safety precautions persons with disability at home. However, a disabled individual may not be able to do even a simple cleaning at home, much less home maintenance and other things, so home care providers, like us, at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., offer the following services available for them.

Personal Care

Personal care providers will assist the patient in their personal day-to-day tasks including bathing, grooming, and toileting. This will be useful to seniors with disability as these people usually require a greater amount of assistance when performing things that requires physical strength.


This option will provide the seniors with disability assistance in performing their household tasks. Because it’s hard for seniors to exert even the minimum amount of effort in executing daily tasks, the caregiver will be the one to do things, such as laundry, light housekeeping, cooking and preparing meals, and grocery shopping.

Transportation Assistance

There are many factors that affects an elderly person’s ability to drive safely and, therefore, making them dangerous on the road. Our caregivers, at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a reliable health care center in Miami FL, will drive and escort the clients to their errands or appointments, such as medical appointments, shopping, grooming and spa, or visiting their loved ones who are living in the other town or city.

Because of their physical limitations, seniors with disability will need greater care and comfort. Make sure that they are provided with the best care they need and deserve here with us, at Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., known for being an excellent health care center in Miami FL. Set an appointment with us at 305-252-7511.

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