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Strategies in Handling Patients with Dementia


Every day is a challenge when taking care of seniors experiencing dementia. Caregivers need to have loads of patience and a bag of strategies in dealing with them. In dementia, both the senior and their caregiver will face several challenges. Seniors will showcase behavior problems that will lead to aggressiveness, repetitive talking and actions, sleeplessness, and more.

Our home care registry in Florida knows how to handle the different situations under dementia care. Strategies are significant and can make a difference in every scenario.

When the patient shows symptoms of repetition, we always remind our caregivers to remain calm. Also, redirect the patient by setting up a new activity or game for them. Or by answering their repeating questions in different ways.

Sleeplessness is rampant for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s because of sundowning. In our nursing registry, the best we can do is avoid stimulants. We also incorporate an exercise routine in their daily regimen. We also turn their home into a no-shadow effect. Sundowning for them is a state of confusion occurring in the late afternoon and spanning into the night. That is why shadows confuse and can make them sleepless.

Above all, caregivers should learn how to handle seniors with dementia when their aggressiveness occurs. Cancel the physical triggers: such as pain, hunger, being cold, and feeling unclean. With their response that will result in their behavioral changes, caregivers should respond calmly. They should do their best by not being argumentative. Make sure that the caregiver’s tone and body language do the calming talk.

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