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The Cost of Compassion: Caregiver Stress

The Cost of Compassion: Caregiver Stress

Stress and exhaustion. These two are the cost of caring. After a long day’s work, our caregivers are still human. We get tired, we get exhausted and burnt out after taking care of the sick and the old patients. Although we are very dedicated to our job and we love every minute of it but we need a break too. We need some time to rest and recover before we get into another job again.

If caregivers do not get enough rest and they get too stressed about their job, their health and disposition in life may decline. Instead of taking care of the sick, they might get sick themselves. We do not want that to happen at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., a top performing health care center in Miami FL. We care for our caregivers as much as we care for our patients. Their health is also our priority. Thus, here are some common causes of stress among caregivers and how to avoid them:

1. Do not succumb into role reversals
This is one of the common triggers of stress. Once we get too attached to our patient’s condition that it feels like we can feel the pain and struggle they are going through. As a caregiver, we are naturally compassionate and we feel for our patients but we do not have to carry the burden on our shoulders. This role reversal occurs once we start becoming too emotional with our relationship with our patients. This can be manifested when we start to experience depression, we tend to isolate ourselves from our friends and peers and we get stressed over small things easily.

2. The stress of dealing with volatile personalities
When we deal with elderly patients like those who are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, they often switch their moods. We often encounter this scenario at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., a quality health care center in Miami Fl. Sometimes they are amicable and they listen to what we say and sometimes they are just so stubborn and they act childish. As caregiver, we are trained to deal with these personality changes. We know how to approach patients with these conditions. However, we cannot avoid getting confused and stressed out dealing with mood switches every now and then. This leaves us frustrated because it seems like we are dealing with a different person always.

So how do we avoid these stressors of caregiving? The solutions are quite simple:

  • Keep a healthy state of mine. Be positive
  • Exercise or enjoy a yoga class to get back to your chi
  • Eat well
  • Spend time alone with yourself to clear off your mind

Fighting off stress is a matter of will power and lifestyle. Caregivers can be excellent at our job without sacrificing our personal lives.

For more tips on how to deal with stress, let Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., a reliable health care center in Miami FL. You can visit our website or call us at 305-252-7511 for more details!

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