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The Roles and Functions of Being a Nurse


“Because being a nurse is more than a job- it’s a way of life.”

This quote makes me think that in being a nurse, one needs a heart that cares and a hand that heals. A holistic approach is a requisite in this caring profession to improve clients satisfaction.

For most nurses of Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., the trusted health care center in Miami FL, working as a nurse is not only a profession but a spiritual calling that makes them empathize with patients. The special kind of care nurses show to them makes a difference in every patient’s life.

Every nurse of Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc. aims to deliver the best quality of care that they can offer to patients with a kind heart.

In line with the profession, every nurse of a health care center in Miami FL should remember the following roles and functions towards their patient.

• Caregiver.
Being a caregiver at the same time, a nurse provides physical, psychosocial, developmental, and psychological assistance on a patient. They assist patients at their utmost needs especially those who are already dependent on their care.

• Teacher.
A nurse is also a teacher to a patient. Every nurse of the health care center in Miami FL provides patients the knowledge that they need about their own health. Patients are taught to learn, especially in taking their own medications at home to avoid errors.

• Counselor.
By being a Counselor, nurses of Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc. can help patients to cope up in their stressful situations. They do this by helping patients develop new attitudes, feelings and behaviours through encouraging them to be more positive in their outlook in life.

• Communicator.
This specific role needs a keen observation to the clients. Professionals from Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc. give care to patients themselves to assess the their needs then communicate it to the health team.

• Client Advocate.
By being a client advocate, care providers from your health care center in Miami FL help and protect clients’ rights by educating them: to know their rights, being patients. For instance, every patients has the right to privacy and the right to informed consent.

• Leader.
Nobody is born a leader. Leadership is a learned process and every person learns to be, as time goes by. As a leader, a nurse needs to influence your team to meet a specific goal. Each one has to assess their work environment on what kind of leadership style to apply.

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