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Understanding the Stages of Dementia


To care for a person with dementia, it is necessary for one to know the various stages to it. Dementia is an ailment that progresses into five (5) stages. At Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a health care center in Miami FL, our care plan for people with dementia begins with the identification of which stage person is in. Our care plans are specific to the stage. Here are the five stages of dementia:

1. High-early stage

At this stage, a person with dementia will have difficulties in driving, cooking, and taking care of his or her home and finances. A person with dementia need not have to be monitored full-time yet. Families need to assist the person with some obligations though such as paying the bills and doing the groceries.

2. Low-early stage

More routine activities become difficult to do for the person with dementia such as taking a shower and changing clothes. More monitoring is needed at this stage. For assisting a person at this stage of dementia, it is always better to trigger long-term memories by providing stimuli for certain activities such as preparing his or clothes in the bed in order for the person to remember the need to take a shower and get dressed.

3. Middle stage

At this stage, routine activities now require constant attention and assistance. Usual triggers may no longer work for a person to remember the entire process but only a portion of the sequence.

4. Late stage

The late stage is characterized with serious impairment in speech and movement. The only form of communication they are fully capable of is through facial expressions.

5. End stage

This is the last stage for dementia. At this stage, the person is already immobile and mute. In spite of having reached this stage, it is all the more necessary for them to receive more love and affection.

If you wish to receive help for the care of your loved one who has dementia, contact Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., a health care center in Miami FL anytime today. At Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc., we do not just assume the role of a carer – we treat your loved one like our own family too. If you have a need for a health care center in Miami FL, call Aztek Nursing Registry, Inc. at 305-252-7511 or email us at

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