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Things People with Disabilities Will Never Tell You


What do you know about people with disabilities? What do you usually feel when you see a disabled person in the street? These people may be far from our definition of normal but they are human beings too. Whether they are physically or mentally challenged, they still need love and care from us. Sadly, most people tend to ignore them because they feel disgusted when they see one.

We have encountered a lot of people with special needs at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc, a trusted health care center in Miami FL. As nurses and caregivers, we know how these people struggle to fit in the society. They are fighting for their place because they do not want to be discriminated. We feel for their pain and so as much as possible, we want to spread awareness to everyone that disabled people should not be isolated from the norm, instead, we should treat them equally and help them gain that confidence they do not have. We should let them feel that their disability is not a hindrance to doing things like normal people do.

In addition, here are some things that could be helpful for you to understand disabled persons more.

They are sensitive with language
There is a difference when you say a “disabled person” compared to when you say a “person with disability”. The former might sound degrading and offensive while the latter could be more acceptable because it is a general term. Even the simplest form of language can be give a huge impact these people. So we must be very careful with the words we use and the tone of voice that we use.

What we do at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., a premiere health care center in Miami FL, is that we approach our patients as if they are just normal people and we engage in conversations normally. We use ordinary terms and we try to choose positive words all the time.

Always treat them with respect
This is one thing that they have always been deprived of. It has become our natural instinct that if we see someone different from us, they are not worth our time. But, what we seem to forget is that persons with disabilities are humans too only that they are afflicted with conditions caused by accidents, trauma, disease or genetic defects innate since birth or acquired from their environment. So, we must avoid telling jokes pertaining to their physical condition or make fun of them because they cannot do simple things on their own. This is the simplest form of respect that we can do to them and we never know how this could make them happy.

Avoid stereotyping and assumptions
This is another sensitive issue as regards to dealing with persons with disabilities. We think that they cannot do anything at all and their movements are limited only. This is so wrong in many ways. Let your loved ones or patient decide for themselves whether they can do a particular task or not. They are very sensitive when it comes to this matter.

So how do you treat your patients or anyone that you meet in the street and have a special disability? Share your stories with us and let us help them get back on their feet without the fear of discrimination.

For more tips on how to deal with persons with disabilities, consult our team of nurses and caregivers at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., your ultimate source for health care center in Miami FL. You can visit us at or you can call us at 305-252-7511.

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