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Ways To Make Memorial Day Not Boring For Seniors

3 Ways To Make Sure Memorial Day Is Not Boring For Seniors

Paying tribute to the war veterans of America does not have to be for the young only. Even your senior adults can enjoy this historic celebration too. Each state has prepared their activities in order to commemorate Memorial Day. There are some activities wherein your senior adults can join too.

As long as they have a family member with them or a caregiver who will accompany them on these activities, then you have nothing to worry about. Like us at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., a trusted health care center in Miami, FL, we always see to it that the patient is able before allowing them to go outdoors:

  • Are they physically capable of standing for long hours?
  • Did their doctor give permission for them to engage in physical activities?
  • Do they have health conditions like a cough, colds, and the like?
  • Do they need medication before doing an activity?

Our nurses in our health care center believe that it is better to be prepared and safe than to be sorry at the end. We never take risk of transporting the patient without medical permission.

Moreover, despite old age, we encourage our seniors to enjoy the celebrations without hesitation. Here are some recommended activities for them:

  • Join the National Memorial Day ParadeIf your senior patient and her family are up for traveling this Memorial Day, you may want to celebrate with the rest of the state by joining the largest parade in the country. There will be different groups who will be joining the parade, or you can just watch them from the street side as they march down the Constitution Avenue. This is a good way to mingle with other people and also to take part of history.

    As caregivers, you need to make sure that the patient will be situated in a comfortable position and you should bring their medication with you at all times just in case of emergency.

  • Visit the National MallIf you want to take a trip down the memory lane, you should visit the National Mall. You can visit the memorial walls etched with the names of the brave men and women who gave their lives during the World War II and the Vietnam War. You can also take pictures on the fountain located near the World War II memorial.

    You might even want to review your history during the trip. Senior patients would be very much glad to share their own piece of war stories to the younger generation. A good way to bond with family and even enjoy a sunny day.

  • Dine in the waterfrontKnowing that this is a national celebration, Georgetown would be a good place to visit too. You can enjoy a cozy afternoon with the senior adults in one of the cafes in Georgetown. There are a number of restaurants to choose from , and they serve a delicious meal.

    The view of the waterfront is also very relaxing and the summer heat is very refreshing. Your senior adult could use a little outdoor every now and then.

What are your plans this coming Memorial Day? Let us know about it and drop some comments on the blog or arrange your trips and inform our caregivers about it if you could use some company. For details, you can visit us at Aztek Nursing Registry Inc., or visit our website for more information.

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