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How to Deal with Your Loved One Who Has Dementia

How to Deal with Your Loved One Who Has Dementia

A lot of times you encounter elderlies who tend to forget even the most obvious things. You see this as something brought about by aging and something that is normal. But too much forgetfulness can be something else. If too much forgetfulness is coupled with inappropriate behavior and faulty reasoning, it can be signs and symptoms of dementia.

Dementia is a disorder that is persistent and chronic in nature. It greatly affects the mental processes which show symptoms of memory disorders, change in personality, and reasoning impairment. It is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. At home, you might consider dementia as something that normally happens to our elderlies. People accept it as something that’s due to come at some point, so it’s best for family members to prepare. When your loved one gets diagnosed with dementia, the best thing you can do is be supportive and patient.

Here are some Dementia Care dos and don’ts that are applicable at home.

  • In responding to aggression, always try to identify the root cause.

    Once identified, try to shift the focus to something else, speak in a calm and reassuring manner. Divert their attention to something they are interested in. Avoid topics and situations that change their mood.

  • Do not engage in an argument. Always try to remove the word “no” when talking.

    This applies not just to kids but also in Dementia care. Their reasoning is impaired so they find it hard to comprehend negative responses. Try to paraphrase your sentences when giving feedback and instructions. Instead of using the word “NO”, why not use “how about”? Give them alternatives.

  • Create a healthy conversation. Give simple explanations along with examples and other tangible reminders.

    Great conversations are healthy for people with dementia. When engaging them in a conversation, try to speak slower than the usual. Provide an explanation for their questions and use simple words and terms.

  • Be encouraging and reassuring, minimize frustration by giving them independence and offering help in small ways.

    Even though they are suffering from dementia, they also need independence and autonomy. Let them do simple tasks and chores with supervision. Use encouraging and empowering words when giving instructions. Emphasize what they can do.

When these tips are followed, we can minimize aggression and confusion from people with dementia, but that doesn’t mean that they are already secured. One factor that we need to consider is the risk of falls or injury. This is related to the difficulty of balance, weakness, and uncoordinated muscles – the main reason why people with dementia require somebody who can be with them 24/7.

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